Metal Recycling: Three Practical Tips for Maximising Your Scrap Value

If you have some scrap metal on your commercial or residential property, you should think about selling the materials for recycling. This practice is beneficial if you are looking to make extra income while clearing out waste from your land. Also, you will make a valuable contribution to the improvement of the environment. In simple terms, the scrap will be used to manufacture new items, reducing the strain on ores and minimising energy usage. If you are interested in scrapping metal for the first time, you should consider these tips for maximising the value of the materials.

Practise Scrap Separation

You should separate the scrap metal to ensure that the selling price is maximised. In general, if you collect all the waste metal into a single barrel, the recycling station will measure the combined content. The final payment will be based on the cheapest type of metal in the container because cheaper materials are always more readily available. By separating the metal, you will obtain the profits which reflect the value of the materials.

If you are not knowledgeable on metals, you can create two simple classes: ferrous and nonferrous. Ferrous metals such as carbon steel and simple iron contain significant iron content and will stick to magnets. Nonferrous metals such as copper, brass, stainless steel and lead are more valuable and will earn more profit. They will not stick to a magnet. If you are more knowledgeable, you can categorise each unique metal separately.

Know the Value of the Metal

You should inquire about the typical price for scrap metal in your local area. The knowledge will be valuable in helping you get a better deal for the transaction. You can contact different scrap metal dealers and make a request for relevant information. You can also make inquiries online from other sellers for reliable information. It is important to note that the value of your metal will depend on the type of scrap, the quantity collected and the local demand. Also, you should check condition, restrictions and dealer policies.

Keep the Scrap Clean

Finally, if you want to maximise your scrap metal value, you should ensure that the scrap is clean. Contaminants will create more work for the scrap metal dealers. Therefore, the price will be lower than expected. Cleaning the scrap does not refer to washing. It simply means removing extra attachments which will downgrade the material. For example, if your metal has plastic features, it will be less valuable, and the selling price will be low.

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