Top Reasons Behind the Increasing Use of Plastic Pallets

In this increasingly eco-conscious world, any effort that is directed towards protecting the natural environment is highly appreciated. A significant percentage of the pallets that we use today are made from recycled plastics. This is good for the environment in so many different ways.  For starters, plastic waste is taken to recycling facilities, meaning less waste ends up being deposited at the landfills. Second, the energy required to process plastic waste at the recycling plant is much less compared to that required to manufacture new plastics from scratch. [Read More]

5 Factors That Affect Scrap Metal Pricing

Homeowners and small businesses can easily turn unwanted scrap metal into cash. Recycling companies will gladly buy various types of metal for cash, but the price you get can vary enormously. To get the best deal, it's important to understand what can influence the money a dealer is willing to give you. Market economics Perhaps unsurprisingly, one of the most significant factors that will influence the value of scrap metal is supply and demand. [Read More]